Make your own site

To make your own website to use the data sets plugin, follow the instructions provided below. Note that you can install WordPress in a subdirectory of your current website hosting.:

  1. Set up a basic install of WordPress on your chosen hosting. Download WordPress from
  2. Either load WordPress on your existing website in a subfolder or purchase hosting and install WordPress, most hosting have an option to install WordPress - here are a couple of hosting suggestions, (FastHosts*) or (WP Engine WordPress Hosting*)
  3. Install and activate the open source plugin Datasets Manager by Arttia Creative from the WordPress repository.
  4. Create Species from Data Sets Species
  5. Create multiple groups from Data Sets Groups
  6. Create new Data set from Data Sets Add New Data Set
    a. Select a species you added in Step 1
    b. Select multiple groups you added in Step 2
    d. Add sample size count for each group
    c. Press Generate Data set
  7. Download Sample CSV from the right sidebar, and upload the data in the defined format.
  8. Upload the relations CSV file from Data Sets Upload Relations CSV. (It is necessary to make the search functionality work.)
  9. Create a page in your WordPress site and add a two column layout. (See video below)
  10. Add required shortcodes in the front end as demonstrated in the video per your requirement.
  11. Use the shortcode provided to display the statistics in a post or page, where the id attribute is the ID of the dataset you want to show and row_id to display the targeted row graph.
  12. Use the search shortcodes to display the autocomplete form for search dataset by name and to display searched, matched, and related terms as per the example below:

If you require additional support making your own website, please email


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